Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Battle of the Mother In Laws

Both my mother and Curt's mother are R.N.'s. Which is convenient when we have some minor health malady going on. But currently they're both on a mission to diagnose Curt's underlying 'problem'; of metabollic syndrome (i.e. pre-Diabetic insulin resistance); chronic fatigue and general feeling of crappiness. Obviously, the weight is a big contributor of all that - but Curt swears he felt the same way even when he was younger and in incredibly good shape. So now my mom is convinced his problema are due to his low testosterone; and Curt's mom is convinced they're due to sleep apnea. Both base their information on supposedly brilliant rogue doctors. It has all the drama potential of amade for TV movie, I tell 'ya: Battle of the Mother In Laws!! Stay tuned for play by play action.

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