Friday, May 21, 2004

Got GMail?

Who knew GMail accounts were such a hot commodity? (via Defective Yeti) Though I'll admit I wanted to get in on it early just to get my preferred user name with no #'s or underscores. But I certainly didn't think I'd be able to until the gods of Blogger game me the opportunity. They're owned by Google, don'tyaknow. Then I didn't think it was such a big deal anymore. But I guess it still is, because once you've been blessed with your gmail account you are given the privelege of inviting a certain number of friends to join up, too. Psssst - all you active Blogspot bloggers - join up and secure bragging rights (and cool bartering leverage) now!! There are a few folks offering to trade their vote for an invitation. I'm sorely tempted. Fucking ethics!

Hmmm... which one to take?? Chocolate covered Macadamia nuts & Kona coffee from Hawaii? Someone to make me their deity of the week? I mean, a daily sacrifice of fruits & berries would be nice but my hubris might piss off my favorite personal deity, HanaHanaNui, The Great Parking & traffic God. Some of these offers are rather disturbing. More "Date with my Wife" and "Pair of my wife's worn underwear" and "pictures of my wife" then I care to see. I'm leaning though to the customized blog template. I mean, I'm liking mine now but it's still a bit blase.

**Note: I may give one to this guy for pure creativity: My Inbox is too small for alien secrets

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