Sunday, May 09, 2004

Spider Friends

I was cleaning house yesterday and found this monster spider in a towel that was laying on the bedroom floor (Go to the RiverRocks album). I'd found her twin, I think last weekend in the gardening chest you'll see Cleo lounging on later in the album. I was a bit concerned that it might be a brown recluse - which I've heard we have in Oregon (and which can be deadly). But according to all the websites, we actually *don't* have any brown recluse here in the NW - the only confirmed sighting came from some household goods that had just been moved up from Kansas. What the experts say is, people & physicians are actually confusing nasty bites from the Hobo Spider (or Aggressive House Spider) for that of the Recluse. Like a good Buddhist I was going to let the little critter go, much as she creeps me the hell out. But after reading how dangerous they can be (and remembering that my uncle ended up in the ER last month from a spider bite); I made Curt dispose of her. If the one in the chest was a male, I don't want any more of these lovelies running around the house. The Kittlin was fascinated enough with the one I found in the towel. The little shit has no fear and I can't afford any huge vet bills right now.

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