Monday, May 24, 2004

Spinning Class, Republican style

My conservative co-worker, E. was a bit gobsmacked by this article on the Drudge Report today – “Kerry pokes fun at Bush mishap” they give Kerry crap for making a comment along the lines that maybe the President forgot his training wheels.

Now, I don’t know if Kerry said that or not, but given the context: I wouldn’t hold such a comment against him. As a lot of folks over at Atrios noticed, the irony was just too thick to ignore. If the man sets himself up as a laughingstock is it our fault for laughing? You'll notice that Drudge doesn't make any mention of Bush's earlier "training wheels" comment, leading the reader to believe Kerry pulled the comment out of his ass completely out of spite, in an effort to infantize the President. Sure, he may have been taking the opportunity to rib Shrub a little bit, but if you want to play the "who's infantizing who" game - just remember who originally brought up the phrase, and in what context. So it's OK to infantize a 2000+ yr. old civilization of millions, but not someone who took a spill from a bike???.

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