Sunday, June 27, 2004

So this is "Victory" in Afghanistan?

They're supposed to have their first democratic elections this fall. Here's what's happening to folks who are trying to register to vote:
KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - Taliban fighters killed up to 16 men after learning they had registered for Afghanistan U.S.-backed national elections, the deadliest attack yet in a campaign aimed at sabotaging the nation's first free vote, officials said Sunday.
This is a day after the Taliban (who Bush claims we've "defeated") bombed a bus full of female election workers and children outside Jalalabad trying to register women to vote. Two were killed.

Per Michael Moore in Fahrenheit 9/11, we've only got 14,000 troops in Afghanistan, compared to 140,000 in Iraq. That's less than the entire police force of New York City and they're supposed to be making an entire country just slightly smaller than the state of Texas, and which is still full of Taliban, Al Queda (and Bin Laden oh by the way... who is supposed to be Enemy #1) and other fundamentalist militia, safe for democracy.

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