Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Some Good News

It's not all gloom and doom on the horizon of global women's rights. Women's ENews reports this week that Saudi Arabia convened its third National Dialogue on Reform yesterday, focusing specifically on the future role and rights of women in the kingdom. They claim this is one sign of many showing the rather remarkable progress women have made in the 6 Gulf states in the last few years.

Back here on the home front, I was happy to see the AMA step up and support over the counter sales of the Morning After Pill. A rational person would think something that *prevents* abortions would be considered a good thing by the anti-choice zealots, but they'd be wrong - because it has nothing to do with rationality and everything to do with religious belief. I'd go into a rant but I'm trying very hard to focus on the positive for a few days at least.

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