Friday, July 09, 2004

Freaky Friday Blog

I’m totally exhausted today – physcially, mentally & emotionally; my neck is incredibly stiff & sore (even after a visit to the chiropracter) and I’m just not really into working.

A recent new poll that puts Bush ahead of Kerry has seriously dragged me down. I just canNOT stomach the idea of another 4 years of that evangelical incompetent in office and I’m beginning to worry people are really much stupider than I give them credit for… they just might vote him back in.
“I want Bush in there, because the other guy is like sending a boy to do a man’s job,” said Glenn Foldessy, 45, of Streetsboro, Ohio, outside Cleveland. Foldessy, who usually votes Republican…”
Correct sentiment, but so completely backasswards it’s ridiculous. And this really freaks me the hell out:
“Bush gained ground among suburban women, a key constituency that increased its backing for the president from 41 percent in June to 52 percent.”
Are so many suburban women really that stupid?

You know when you’re watching a really scary movie and the suspenseful music starts to cue up and the idiotoc “victim #2” is wandering *alone* in the dark, spooky house to try to find some ‘noise’ she heard and the camera cuts to the masked psychotic murderer just waiting around the corner, holding up his meat cleaver dripping in blood…..?? That’s where I usually cover my eyes and plug my ears and keep asking Curt, “is it over yet?” or get up and go to the kitchen to put away food and do the dishes. Anyway – I’m getting that same identical sickening feeling in my gut that something awful is about to happen everytime I read the news lately. Well, the prego-queesiness might have something to do with that sick feeling but I swear it’s triggered by any article that indicates, in any way that Bush might actually pull it off come November. And the prospect terrifies me. Not necessarily the thought of Bush himself (though that’s bad enough) but the thought that the MAJORITY of Americans LIKE and support him and his policies is enough to make me seriously consider applying for immigration to some Scandinavian country. My faith in my fellow Americans will be totally shattered. And the suspense is starting to get to me. I want nothing more than to hit Fast Forward to see if I'll ever wake up from this nightmare.

So today I’m desperately in need of some good news… something positive to take my mind off what I fear is the world's impending doom. So far, all I can find is this wonderful news that a retired school custodian, housecleaner and grandmother of 8 won the $294 million MegaMillions jackpot ; and that the spacecraft Cassini successfully entered Saturn’s orbit this week and is starting to send back images and data; after a seven year, 2.2 billion-mile journey where it relied on 4 different planetary gravity boosts and complex target manuevering to make it, since no single rocket could launch it to it’s final destination. How impressive is that?

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