Thursday, October 07, 2004

Shameless bragging…..

I am the recruiting queen!!! I got 8 people signed up to volunteer in the next 4 weeks for Planned Parenthood last night! (insert Tim the Toolman Taylor “arh arh arh” apewoman grunt here) More than anybody else. The average is 4 a night . Heh. OK enough gloating. It was fun!! Of course, the call list came from ACT and was folks who had expressed an interest to volunteer on website(s) – so it was very much a friendly audience. In fact, 90% of the “no”s that I got were from folks who were already heavily committed to volunteering for Kerry, or MoveOn, or unions, or local progressive candidates. It might have been less fun if I’d’ve had to deal with any B/C supporters who were inclined to tell me to go stuff myself.

I’m going back on Monday, then will probably do more phonebanking the following week when they call progressive voters to tell them who the pro-choice/ progressive candidates are that’ve been endorsed by PP. It will depend on Curt’s recovery from surgery. He’s finally scheduled to have his left hand done next Wed. When the doctor told him the results of his nerve connectivity test, he said “Yep, you’ve got severe carpal tunnel, all right!” When Curt told him it was getting so bad he’d lose feeling in 4 fingers just from holding a fork, he slapped “ASAP” across his chart.

Now it appears my crippled beloved has acquired an ear infection, probably as a result of the nasty cold he had last week. We’re a little concerned it won’t be gone by the surgery date and they may want to postpone it as a result. We’re more concerned he can’t hear out of his left ear right now (which is extremely painful) and we’re going to the Sting/ Annie Lennox concert tonight. That’s the one thing that really sucks about big tours like this. You have to buy your very expensive tickets months in advance, and then something comes up right at the last minute that can potentially ruin it for you. I guess that’s why I’ve never been to many of them.

But, before the concert, I have my next big OB appt. – with (drumroll please….) the BIG 20 week ultrasound!!! Which means that in just a few short hours, we may very well know whether the river fry is of the colt or filly variety. If he/she cooperates, that is and poses pretty for the camera. For awhile there I had the strong feeling that it was a boy, but lately I’m not so sure. Both great-grandma’s-to-be have gone on the record as wanting a girl. One (who only has 1 other great granddaughter out of 8 kids) says she’d love the baby regardless, of course… but the other has said she refuses to take care of baby boys so I’d better see to it I give her a girl, no matter what. Note: out of 11 greatgrandkids, she’s got 5 that are girls. So she really has no complaint (though she did only have 2 granddaughters out of 8) . Needless to say, I am more than a little annoyed with her blatant anti-male sexism. To the point where I am sorely tempted to say “well if that’s your attitude, you’ll be seeing precious little of the child be it a boy OR a girl”. Now, she herself had 4 kids – 3 girls, and 1 boy (my dad). And she’s never made a secret of her disgust for men/boys (yes, as you’d expect my father has serious issues). In her mind, boys are just dirty and rude and turn into young men who do nothing but get young women “in trouble”. Granted, she herself was knocked up at 17 by a man 11 years her elder (grandpa); and two of her daughters foung themselves in a similar condition at 18. One to an abusive asshole. So she’s biased. But of course she blames the men entirely and not her total unwillingness/inability to discuss sex or birth control in a mature, responsible way with her daughters. Good girls just DON’T before they get married. End of story.

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