Thursday, October 21, 2004

Tank of Gas to Vancouver, BC: $23. Cost of getting Flu vaccine: $50.

Rubbing in how Canadian health care system is covering American system’s ass to Republican co-workers: Priceless!

File this entry under one more thing I’ll blog about here instead of getting into another totally pointless argument with my conservative ditto-head coworkers. I can’t tell you the number of times they’ve bagged on socilized medicine. Specifically, how shitty the Canadian health system supposedly is in comparison to ours, which is, of course “the envy of the world”. So reading this is just priceless:

Vancouver, BC plans flu shot clinic for Americans Snip:

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Many Americans from Pacific Northwest are making a run for the border to get their flu shots. And it couldn’t be easier to find a provider. As soon as they cross the border, the tourist information booth hands out maps to the closest clinic.

Because so many people are crossing the Canadian border for flu shots, the Vancouver, British Columbia, Coastal Health Authority has set up a one-day clinic for Americans only…

The U.S. vaccine shortage was caused when British regulators shut down U.S.-bound shipments from Chiron Corp., after some batches of the vaccine were found to be contaminated with bacteria. The decision cut the U.S. supply of flu shots almost in half.

Canada does not have a shortage because it doesn't get vaccine from the British supplier. While the flu shots in Canada are not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, that isn’t stopping those who can’t get vaccinated in the United States.

Yep, we're the envy of the world, alright.....

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