Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Guilty pleasures

I'm totally hooked on the new ABC show, "Lost". It's like Survivor* but you know, scripted..... like all TV programming *used* to be? Back in the day before "Whose Your Daddy?" and "Fear Factor". It's one of those shows that has really fascinating characters and an actual, what do they call 'em? Plot? But, a really *good*, creative plot - not at all annoying like that other scripted action show, "24"** which is really a glorified daytime soap with guns and nuclear devices.

Anyhoo - there's a new episode on tonight @ 8:00 PST and in the interest of bumping up ratings so another of my fave shows doesn't get cancelled***; I highly encourage you to tune in. MSNBC has kindly provided a summary of events to date so you won't be *totally* lost in the dark (pun intended). I will be happy to provide any backstory.

*or as it's called in our humble abode, "fucking Survivor" because it sucks you in even though you hate all reality show programming.

**similarly labeled "fucking 24" in our household because, come on - how much trauma can one character go through in 24 hours? They lost me the first season when the daughter's friend got abducted, then raped, then tortured, then abandoned for dead, then was amazingly rescued only to be rendered really, totally, all-the-way dead in the hospital by the man who had been posing as her father. Then for good measure they killed the hero's estranged wife, too. Quickest way to piss me off is to kill off a character you've made me care about. I was permanently scarred psychologically in high school when Days of Our Lives killed off Patch (Kayla's squeeze). You know, there's enough shitty tragedies in the real world without making up more of them for pure emotional manipulation.

***We've still not quite recovered from the betrayal of Firefly getting cancelled. I think it was replaced by fucking Temptation Island.

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