Wednesday, January 12, 2005

No WMD's? You're kidding me!

Aside from the obvious & easy “we told you so”, I have two issues with today’s announcement that the CIA’s WMD hunters are calling it quits.

1) “In interviews, officials who served with the Iraq Survey Group (ISG) said the violence in Iraq, coupled with a lack of new information, led them to fold up the effort shortly before Christmas.”

2) “The ISG has interviewed every person it could find connected to programs that ended more than 10 years ago, and every suspected site within Iraq has been fully searched, or stripped bare by insurgents and thieves, according to several people involved in the weapons hunt”

So even if we were to give Shrub & Co. the benefit of the doubt and concede that there might have been WMD’s to begin with, the failure of their own investigation proves that if they had existed, they still managed to lose them after the fact due to their own ineptitude.

Specifically a) by naively underestimating the insurgency, then b) not getting enough boots on the ground quick enough to stop it (both militarily and reconstruction personnel) ; then empowering the insurgency itself by c) stubbornly insisting on guarding oil assets instead of suspected WMD sites and caches of more conventional weapons…

If there's one thing Shrub’s administration is good at is creating self-fulfilling cycles of failure. Just to be clear - I blame Rummy & his band of idiots at the Pentagon. Not the military in Iraq. What's fascinating is that here it is in black and white - we screwed up, big time... and nobody in the mainstream media is going to waste a single second of airtime drawing this obvious conclusion.

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