Monday, February 28, 2005

Hectic Day News Roundup

A little bit of weekend news you won't want to miss: Talon News to close in wake of Gannon/Guckert scandal. Couldn't happen to more deserving folks.

Our hypocrisy knows no bounds: US state department criticizes Saudi Arabia and Russia in annual human rights report.

Respect thy elders: Oral History saves island inhabitants from Tsunami. Snip: "SIMEULUE ISLAND, Indonesia - The ground shook so hard, people couldn't stand up when the massive earthquake rattled this remote Indonesian island — the closest inhabited land to the epicenter of the devastating temblor. But unlike hundreds of thousands of others who thought the worst was over when the shuddering stopped, the islanders remembered their grandparents' warnings and fled to higher ground in fear of giant waves known locally as "semong." Within 30 minutes, Simeulue became the first coastline in the world to experience the awesome force of the Dec. 26 tsunami. But only seven of the island's 75,000 people died — saved by the stories passed down over the generations.

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