Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Prego Update ( T - 3 weeks)

I know, I know - I suck. I keep trying to find the time to come up with something wonderfully blogworthy, and keep crapping out. So it might be time for another prego update.

We're coming into the final stretch, folks - due date is March 6, 3 weeks away if you're playing along at home. I'm feeling pretty good all things considered. Wobbling like a pro. Though as Curt pointed out "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down!" He now introduces me as "my hugely prego wife" everywhere we go instead of just "my prego wife". I still find it pretty cute, though you'd think I'd be offended that he seems to be taking all the credit: "Look what I DID!!". He's so sweet and conscientious though. Actually made me sit in the car in the driveway after dinner last night while he moved my car into the carport so I would't have to scrape ice off the windshield this morning. And he hasn't complained at all about my horrific prego-induced snoring driving him to the couch nearly every night for the last few weeks. He still comes to bed until I fall asleep then quietly sneaks into the living room.

Statistically the Fry could make his debut as early as next week. They're big into this "due *range*" and not "due *date*" theory these days since only 2% of women actually deliver ON their due date. 45% deliver in the 2 weeks prior, 45% in the 2 weeks post. On the one hand, I'm really shooting for an early arrival. I want my body back, dammit and don't know if I can take another weekend like the last where the Fry was partying all fucking night long, and holding my bladder - and my sleep - hostage in the process. I swear he was doing disco in there at midnight. And then a congo line at 2 am. Then some sort of gymnastic routine full of flips and spins at 4 am. I hope the East German judges were kind. Curt tells me to be thankful he's more of a tumbler than a boxer. And everyone else says this is nature's way of getting me prepared for the upcoming sleep deprivation. But I'm selfishly hoarding every minute of precious sleep time in the meanwhile. And seriously jonesing for a Cadillac Margarita and a hot tub.

On the other hand - ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod I'm not ready to be a mommy yet! So later might be nice, too. And would give me some more time to wrap up the couple of big projects I'm rolling out at work right now before I go on leave. Yes, I'm blaming work for my pathetic posting lately. But it's the truth. I'm actually having to, you know - WORK lately and it's seriously cutting into my surfing/writing time. One bit of good news, though. We got our taxes done early and thanks to the outrageous interest we pay in student loans and mortgage expenses (including a refinance); along with the monumental medical bills we racked up last year - we're getting a very nice refund. Enough to where I won't have to get my ass back to work in 3 weeks like I thought I would. I'll be able to stay home for at least a month, and maybe only come back part time for a couple of weeks after that. Time enough to get the breastfeeding thing goin' on and avoid incarceration by the La Leche League et.al. for premature nipple confusion (really - I hear they have their own jails and everything!) Actually, I kid. Our Breastfeeding Basics class was very educational and I'm sure the lactation consultants will be wonderful.

I'm now on the once a week visit to the doctor schedule. Last week I was already dilated about 1 cm. So that's a good sign! I also managed to gain a whopping 6 pounds! WOOHOO! And my blood pressure was great. 100/60, I think. Though the Fry freaked us the hell out when he decided to play hide and seek with the doppler heartrate monitor. The Doc. couldn't find a heartbeat for nearly 5 minutes. I think he was hiding under my pancreas. Coy little shit. Nursery completion and baby paraphenelia acquisition is nearly complete. Signed up for the diaper service yesterday. Even have the hospital bag packed. Now I just need to schedule my pre-admission appt. with the birth center. And Curt needs to figure out the car seat.

Other than that I think we're as ready as we're gonna get!. I was even a good little girl scout and thought to buy a waterproof mattress pad last week just in case my water breaks at night. Curt thinks I'm going to pop this kid out with no problem. He could be right. Mom was only in labor for 8 hours with her first baby (my bro.) and only 45 minutes with me. I was a speed demon right from the get-go. Must have been my aversion to hospitals kicking in early.

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