Friday, March 11, 2005

Dude - my hometown's famous!!

So says Atrios: Wanker's Corner. For the record, I grew up about 5 miles from this place. Corner of Stafford Rd. and Borland Rd. in what was once rural Clackamas County but was saved from encrouchment by the Urban Growth Boundary by millionaires who bought up huge 3-5 acre lots and built picturesque country homes in the vicinity - complete with tennis courts and pools. They got around the supposed "agricultural" zoning by planting an acre of Christmas trees in the back yard.

Growing up the "corner" was the saloon, a convenience store and a feed store where we bought alfalfa and oats for our critters. Also for the record - the locals never pronounced it "wain-ker" until some bright member of the family decided to capitalize on the influx of Aussie-slang about a decade ago. It was "wohn-ker" to us as kids (like "aah"), and "wohn-ker" to my Grandmother (who was born & raised in the same house I was) going back as far as she could remember. And the only thing notorious about the saloon was the carpet of peanut shells on the floor.

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