Monday, March 14, 2005

Long Night... and loving the drugs

and probably not over yet. Big time contractions started again about 9:00 pm last night.... with really, really bad backache and "show" this time around. 10:30 we called the hospital - they suggested I give it another hour before coming in. 11:30 pain was REALLY bad and contractions were still coming about 6 min apart and lasting 1 - 1/30 or longer. So we headed to the hospital to catch the midnight shift change. They put us on the monitors - the RiverFry is doing just fine and I was termed as being in "very beginning" labor, though I still hadn't dilated more than 1 1/2 cm, and was still only 60% effaced (Friday's stats). They gave me a shot of morphine and some kind of relaxer, let us hang out for a little over an hour to try to catch a reprieve. At 2:30 I was about 90% effaced but still less than 2 cm dilated. Not far enough to admit me. So they sent me home with a strong suggestion to take some vicodin I had when the morphine wore off and instructions to try to get some sleep - then come back when either the pain got too intolerable again or when I felt something has changed...

I've caught a few winks in between contractions (now about 7 min apart) and the bloody mucus "show" has continued throughout the night.... Now I'm debating when to head back. Contractions are now tolerable either thanks to the Fry making his way further downstream or the vicodin (or both). At this point I've pretty much made up my mind to get an epidural, though so don't want to risk missing that window.

Anyway - looks like it's finally happening (yay!) and without inducing (cross fingers - my biggest fear right now is it will stall again...)

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