Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Just called Curt from work to see how he's doing. The Fry's got a cold and has been sneezing/coughing the last day or two & his breathing sounds snotty. Curt answers and the Fry's screaming unconsolably in the background. Curt says, "He's been doing this for 3 hours, nonstop. I've got diarrhea and stomach cramps and feel like shit. That's how our day is going."

I wasn't feeling at all guilty before about coming back to work but now I'm rolling in it. On the other hand, this will be as good a test as any of his commitment to being a stay at home Dad. Between this and finding out that adding the Fry to my insurance at work is going to cost us an additional $300/ month he may just change his mind. Don't know how I feel about that. I like having him at home and knowing our boy is being taken care of by one of the two people who love & cherish him the most in this world. And the cost of daycare would just about offset any income he'd be making if he went back to work anyway.....

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