Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I realize my own posting has sunk to abysmal depths lately. My goal regarding political posts has always been to add something to the mix and not blithely parrot the party line. So if I don't have any particularly unique take on recent happenings I try at the very least to draw attention to stories that aren't being otherwise covered by the MSM or the more popular blogs. What with the new parent chronic yawn syndrome and coming back to work and having to actually, you know... *work* however, I'm finding myself starting a post, then waking up 15 minutes later (keyboard letters embedded in reverse on my forehead*) when someone calls to ask "are you done with XYZ project yet?", then an hour goes by.... then two... then a couple of days and whatever I was going to write about has become really, really old news and I'd be reduced to posting "Dude... what she said" which nobody wants or needs.

So in the interest of providing some kind of new and refreshing political content to my loyal handful of readers besides the occasional commentary on the doings of the Critter, I give you a new Northwest "Hot Topic" news feed (to the right) generously envisioned and implemented by Daniel Kirkdorffer of On the Road to 2008.

Really, I'm not lazy! I'm just a..... little.......slee*yawn*py...
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*anybody know how to get drool out of a keyboard?

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