Friday, July 15, 2005

Friday Baby Blogging

Quick Critter Update:

He’s the picture of good health – developmentally right on track (and a little advanced in some ways). Yes, there is gum swelling so the Doc. confirms he’s feeling “some discomfort”. Tylenol is OK sporadically but not as a general night time constitutional. Damn. Plot to cruise through infanthood by drugging child comatose has been foiled. Will have to investigate other alternatives. We’ve been given the OK to introduce rice cereal, but probably not any other solids until 6 months. I checked his percentiles – about 60% for weight, 80% for height. Which makes sense as he’s fitting into some of the smaller 6 month clothes.

She was just a little concerned about this birthmark he has on his lower back, right above the diaper line. Said something about “hairy spine” and ordered an x-ray, just to make sure everything’s OK. After talking to my day care provider, I think that’s “don’t freak out the Mom” code for “spina bifida” or some other spinal abnormality. Curt will take him for the x-ray this afternoon. I’m not too worried, yet. Really. I swear! Believe me yet? Yeah, me neither.

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