Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Oh, no... for anybody who keeps track of the more popular Iraqi bloggers, Riverbend tells us that Raed's brother Khalid has been abducted and is being detained by what I gather is the new Iraqi government's version of the Secret Service. Apparently for his blog-related activity. Ever since Salam Pax introduced us to Raed's family (and all their blogs) back during the invasion I've looked to them for the "insider's" civillian view of what's really going on there. And worried about them for making themselves such visible targets of themselves.

When Shrub & the Repubs talk about the need for brave, pro-democratic Iraqi civillians to stand up and stick their necks out to help rebuild their country and build a democracy, these are the kind of people he needs. Educated. Committed. Incredibly patriotic. Freedom loving. You pick the buzz word & they're it. They've done (and continue to do) some amazing humanitarian work given the risk involved. Reading back in their archives you can see just where the U.S. occupation went wrong and how they lost the hearts and minds of everyday Iraqi's.

And this is how that bravery, that commitment is repaid. Please keep Khalid in your thoughts and prayers.

UPDATE:*** Khalid has been freed! Woohoo!

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