Monday, August 29, 2005

The razor-wielding bug has morphed into a frog and taken up residence in my throat. My co-workers and husband are finding my new voice quite amusing. They keep asking me leading questions just to entertain themselves. The hacking and coughing they don’t enjoy quite so much, however. Needless to say, neither do I. Curt was feeling a tickling in his throat yesterday so he’ll probably get it next. I pray to whatever deities that specialize in small ones clad in footed jammies that the Critter doesn’t get it, too. He’s been kind of whimpering the last two days and not sleeping well. But when awake he is ecstatic and still shrieks in joy when tossed in the air, spun around, belly kissed, or when Momma makes her funny croaking noises so I’m inclined to think it’s still the teething thing. Massive drool and chewing on any and everything in sight supports that conclusion. I assume if his throat starts to hurt he’ll be miserable 24/7. So keep your fingers crossed!

Work is keeping me very busy lately which while on the one hand is great (job security!), sucks on the other hand since I can’t wallow in mucusoidal misery.

Things could be worse – I could be in New Orleans. I’m watching Hurricane Katrina in horror, wishing for once that I had expanded cable (CNN, etc.) or at least speakers/ working headphones on my work PC to catch the audio of the streaming video reports. Instead I just watch the detached stoplights flying down the street and provide my own commentary. Which is better than your standard “yep, getting pretty darn windy down here, Bob” that you get from network reporters.

My version: “Jane: Nothing much going on over here (where the Eye *didn’t* hit)…. .getting pretty windy/rainy. There’s not a Starbucks open anywhere within 100 miles. Chickenshits. Hey, look at the flying debris! How’s it going where you are, Bob (where the Eye is hitting)?”

“Well Jane, I was feeling pretty lucky to have drawn storm duty – I’m going to get a ton of face time. But then a half a building flew by and there’s not a laundromat open anywhere within 100 miles to clean the crap out of my drawers. Good think the network sprung for that hi-tech raingear that wicks away moisture – I don’t know what’s from the rain/flooding and what’s from pissing my pants. Guess it doesn't matter - this whole place is turning into an open sewer anyway.” A smart investor would have stocked up on hip waders this hurricane season.

Then I think about how miserable those people are (and are going to be for quite awhile). You're forced to evacuate, leaving behind cherished possessions, maybe even pets. Don’t know if you’ll even have a house to come home to. Your work/business/livelihood may be washed away, and even if you do have something to come back to, you’ll be trying to rebuild the shambles of your life in a stifling hot toxic environment with no A/C until they get the electricity back online could be weeks) and will likely be fighting off looters and other criminal elements with minimal emergency resources (police, medical, etc.) available.

Welcome to Baghdad New Orleans. Hang in there folks - we're all thinking of you.

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