Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Can you say "that was awkward!"

I started using the office of the CEO's assistant M (who is out on maternity leave) to pump at work last week. Previously I'd been going out to my car but what with gas prices being what they are, sitting there idling the engine for the sole purpose of powering my boob-juicer was getting a little expensive. Then too, there was the whole environmental guilt going on (i.e. how many penguins are going to die as a result of the global warming resulting from my burning precious petrol for the sole purpose of feeding my baby? Why not just pour Penzoil in his bottle?) So in the context of formally requesting a lactation room be included in the build out of the new office we just bought and will be moving into in about 6 months (though I may or may not still need it then) my boss said I was welcome to use M's office instead of my car for the time being, since it had a lock on the door. And I took him up on the offer.

Well apparently that lock doesn't work too well if the CEO's easy ability to poke his head in this morning without knocking is any indication. Judging by the awkwardness that accompanied the embarassed blush, my boss apparently did not tell him that I would be availing myself of his assistant's office for the purpose of juicing the girls.

It's a good thing I don't embarass myself too easily and managed to cover myself up before much damage was done. If I'm lucky he might even take that embarassment and channel it into approving my request for a lactation room in the new building.

So do I a) go back to using my car; b) ask them to fix the lock or c) cross my fingers and hope it doesn't happen again? And do I mention it to my boss to make sure he's told the CEO that I'll be borrowing the office periodically? Have I mentioned how much I hate having to ask my employer to make special accomodations for my baby and his little juicers? I know I shouldn't, but I still do. I hate drawing attention to myself.

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