Saturday, September 24, 2005

Happy 6 months, Duncan!

The Critter, he turned 6 months old back on the 14th. And got 2 bright, shiny and very, very sharp lower cuspids to mark the occassion. These come in handy now that we've begun to feed him solids on a daily basis. He loves the bananas with the rice cereal, tolerates the yams and pears but shudders adorably at the sight of applesauce. Those pediatricians, they say feeding solids doesn't help babies sleep any better but I tell you - they LIE!!! Either that or it was absolute coincidence that the week after we began giving him solids he began, once again... to sleep through the night. ***sigh*** 10pm - 5 of 6 am. Except for the nights when said two toofs broke through the gums. Those two nights were a bit hellish but their respective nights after?? Blissful sleep. Well, except when he does the occassional shange up and sleeps from 8 - 3:30. Those nights are a little brutal because inevitably, we choose those particular nights to stay up late to watch the premier of Lost or something.

His ped is amazed at his motor skills. Wonderfully average in all other respects but he has remarkable control over his digits, that one. In the last week he has learned to pull himself up to a stand like nobody's business. In fact, he whines bloody murder if you're not assisting him in this endeavor every available moment. He'll scoot & roll to get where he wants to go but didn't have much use for crawling until he discovered that getting up on your knees gets you 6" closer to getting up on your feets! So he's working on that - gets up on all fours and starts to rock back and forth, back and forth with the sides of the crib as a block to better perfect his starting technique. We put him on the floor and watch with baited breath for the moment when he'll build up enough confidence to take off on his initial baby dash & stick his finger/tongue in the non-babyproofed electrical socket on the other side of the room.

And the damned dog isn't helping. She keeps bringing her slimy, nasty toys and dropping them 2 feet in front of him. Which, of course are so much more enthralling than the nice sanitary plstic rattle we just pulled out of the dishwasher. Though the sooner we can teach the Critter to throw her back her balls instead of sticking them in his mouth the sooner we can let them entertain each other.

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