Monday, December 19, 2005

Heck the Dolls with Hows of Bolly falalalala, la lalala

See what cold medicine does to you?
I managed to sleep without if for 4 whole hours last night - the first time in 2 weeks. Which means my system should just be getting better and therefore primed to catch the next nasty bug when we hit the germ-ridden skies on Friday morning.
Santa brought an early Christmas present this weekend - a Roomba!  I've been dying to get my very own robovac for a few years now.  Sunday Curt and I spent alternately entertaining the Critter, bemoaning the amount of mucus the human head can produce, coughing up various parts of lung tissue, and cheering on the little red wonder:  "Go Roomba, Go!  Get that Cheerio!  Yay - he got it, he got it!!  Sucked it right out of the corner!!"   Now if the manufacturer could just modify their Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit to tackle poopy diapers we'd be in heaven....
Another Critter mystery solved this weekend.... Duncan had unexplicably & suddenly started shaking his head back and forth rapidly at us last week.  He was happy while doing it - was not a sign of frustration, and even though we've been telling him "No!"  more frequently lately, hadn't really been accompanying that word with it's appropriate head gesture so could not, for the life of us (nor that of his daycare teacher) figure out where he'd picked up the habit.  We feared it was a seizure of some sort brought on, no doubt by Curt's tendency to keep letting him fall of the furniture*.   Then, Sat. night we had dinner at Dad's and as soon as Duncan saw my grandmother, started shaking his head and smiling like a maniac.  She promptly picked him up and said "See?  He wants an Eskimo Kiss!  We had a ball doing that last weekend (when they were babysitting while we were packing for the upcoming move).  We'd rub noses and he'd giggle out loud and do it over and over again!"  Then she demonstrated and sent our darling boy into hysterics.
Duh!  What kind of idiot parents are we not to recognize the universal Eskimo Kiss signal? We're such failures.
*True conversation from this weekend: "See honey, this is why I strap the boy into the diaper changer when I change a poopy diaper."
"I'd have been OK if the wipes were on the side of the bed where they were supposed to be!"
"What do they call it when you do the same thing over and over and expect a different result?"
"You're doing this just to get out of changing poopy diapers, aren't you?"
No worries, folks - we've got a family full of healthcare professionals and very thickly padded carpet. The boy is fine (9 months wellcheck was last week!).  Aside from delusions of Eskimo heritage, that is. If he starts craving whale blubber I'll worry.

Posting will likely be sporadic to nonexistent the next 2-3 weeks due to travel and moving of house. Hope your holidays, whatever they may be are happy and filled with joy. Cyber Eskimo Kisses to all....

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