Monday, April 17, 2006

More on Right Livelihood

One other aspect of the controversy I hadn't picked up on until reading this:
"I have actually discussed it with my current employer when I was hired," said Norlander, who has been a pharmacist for 18 years. She felt at the time she was taking a risk by having that discussion, but it did not interfere with her employment. "I just don't want to be asked to dispense something which would not allow a human life to live."
That pretty much rules out EVERY SINGLE MEDICATION she would ever dispense, doesn't it?  So many Rx's for possibly fatal side-effects.  Allergic reactions.  Overdoses.  Conflicts with other contra-indicated medications. Hell, what about drivers who are mentally impaired by those drugs and who get in automobile accidents?  Vioxx alone was estimated to have killed nearly 30,000 people.  How many Vioxx Rx's did she dispense?  According to this article (which claims prescription drug are 16,400% deadlier than terrorists), there are probably up to 200,000 deaths a year as a result of prescription drugs.  How does she sleep at night?

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