Thursday, May 11, 2006

Reply from Metpar Corp - RE: No Standing Room

Dear Ms. Sally,
    First and foremost, please be assured "we feel your pain".  In all seriousness, you are not alone in your concerns about bathroom stall sizes and door swings.  Although it is not an "industry standard" to swing stall doors into the stall, it has become common practice.  As a manufacturer, we certainly do not impose any such requirement.  All of our doors for any stall can swing either inward or out.  More often than not, when an architect is involved in 'designing' the overall bathroom, they usually dictate how the doors will swing for easthetic reasons [emph mine].  And since an architect or general contractor may be processing building permits and the Certificate of Occupancy along with the local building department,  it will be their final decision how a room is designed (hopefully in cooperation with the building owner).
You bring up some valid issues and some intersting scenarios to consider.  Although we may not be able to alter layouts that are already designed by the architect, we will certainly keep your comments in mind on jobs where we do have some "artistic license" to design it how we feel is best.  Thank you very much for taking the time to write to us.
So it is the f*ing architects and general contractors that are the problem.  The majority of which use a urinal 90% of the time they ever personally use the facilities.  This, people is why we drastically need more women going into these fields (though apparently getting them to stay in the field is the bigger problem).

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