Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tap.... Tap.... Tap... Is this thing still on?

Three years..... Wow there is a hiatus for you. That makes 160 or so Fridays since I last posted anything here. Longer still since it was anything of substance. Why? Well, when I found myself going days, then weeks, then months with nothing burning to say I thought it was about time to hang the blog up for awhile. Manufactured outrage is never entertaining. When things would get shitty and depressing (normally a trigger for me to take up the diary again) it seemed waaay to shitty and depressing to inflict on the internets (and too personal). When they'd get better I'd just try to enjoy life offline.

So why now when an amazing election, world and personal events haven't tempted me? The muse of the mommybloggers, Heather B. Armstrong of Dooce just made #26 on Forbes' "Most Influential Women in the Media" list this week. As she was huge inspiration for me to start this blog, I couldn't let the milestone pass without mentioning it. I'm shocked, amazed and thrilled for her beyond measure.

I quit blogging because I felt I was trying to be all things and not doing any of them well: Politics, personal, social commentary. Thank you Dooce for reminding me that my primary purpose with this blog was always just to get my voice heard. If that voice is as scatterbrained, irrational and eclectic as I am so be it. I'm not going to care so much how others may take it so long as I accomplish what I want - a digital "recording" of the myriad thoughts, joys, aggrevations, obsessions and annoyances that go through my brain on any given day.

Available to the masses at the click of a Google.

We'll see how it goes. Will work on updating links etc. as I go along.

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