Monday, July 27, 2009

Yakkity Yak! (Don't talk back...)

Just got back from a fantabullous little family reunion in the Twilight capital of the world, Forks, WA. I don't know which was more entertaining, the cougars at the Olympic Game Farm or the "cougars" swagged head to toe in Twilight paraphenelia, stalking the soft spoken, adorable, Jacobean young tribal man working behind the counter of the local produce store. Sad as it was to see so many captive animals begging for handouts from cars like so many freeway offramp panhandlers, I did like the yaks.
We, OTOH were there for a little famliy reunion since my bro, SIL and nephew were in town for the summer. My Mom and stepdad rented a great cabin and were generous enough to let MickeyD and I crash on the couch for 3 of their 7 nights. Only fair since Mr. Stang was missing out on the always entertaining, drunkenly dysfunctional family campfire drama in order to petsit their canine tribe.

We didn't make it down to the beaches at La Push but MickeyD and I hit Ruby Beach on the way back out of town instead for the ritual gathering of rocks and dipping of feet in the Pacific. That's one of the coolest things about Washington beaches - the further north you go, the more rocky and pebbly the beaches are instead of the smooth, vast sand expanses of Oregon and SW. Washington. I could spend hours rockhounding. Came away with a couple nice handfulls of agate.

The fireweed was in full bloom. Weather was gorgeous for the Olympic Peninsula - about 75/80. We saw 8 deer while driving around Lake Crescent - including two little babies. One evening we were blessed with an entire herd of wild Roosevelt elk passing through the meadow behind the cabins, coming up from the Calawah River. I was too slow to get them on camera but did get a little blurry video. Here's one we took of the same kind of elk at the game park.

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