Sunday, August 30, 2009

Better Safe Than Sorry

Mr. Stang often gives me shit for being an alarmist. What can I say?? I have a vivid imagination, a fascination with history and never got the chance to indulge my inner girl scout. The wisest advice ever spoken was "Hope for the best but plan for the worst". In those "what kind of parent are you?" surveys, you'd think I'd be a Helicopter Mom as a result - hovering over MickeyD and never letting him do anything because he might get hurt. But no. I'm more the Medi-Vac Mom, ready with a first aid pack and maps to all the area hospitals in the glove compartment for when he does crash and burn.

So after hearing all the gloom and doom about how the H1N1 virus is poised to take off as soon as the school year starts, and that a vaccine won't be available until mid October, Mr. Stang has given in to my inner alarmist and agreed to keep MickeyD out of daycare for a few months. He was only going one day a week, just to give Daddy a break and give him some needed kid play, but as usual brought home two colds in the last month after he did go. Normally I don't worry about minor colds - besides a tendency to get croup, MickeyD fights them off pretty well. But usually the worst of them do come after the first week of the new school year, when the older siblings of all of MD's preschool friends bring home the newest and greatest virulent fads.

This year, it looks like Swine Flu will be all the rage. And since MickeyD is not yet required by law to attend the little germ factories, we're opting out until he - and Daddy - can get immunized. I'm not too worried about MickeyD - the newest advice is that while more people are going to get it this year than regular flu, most are only getting a mild to moderate version. Kids may be miserable for a couple of days if they get it but recover quickly. but Daddy is diabetic, has allergies, is asthmatic... and is prone to chest infections. All pretty well under control with medication & diet currently, but he definitely falls into that at-risk population with "underlying conditions".

This decision has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I saw a documentary on one of the Nerd Channels last week about the Black Death and how it killed up to 50% of the population in some locations - perhaps more. Really. (do I sound convincing?)

Sidenote <--- H1N1 virus plush toy from GIANTmicrobes is now available! THE cool gift this year for all your little germ magnets.
Cute little bugger, isn't it?

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