Thursday, August 13, 2009


Turns out they're not extinct at all! At least the Tasmanian kind. Really, I'm not channeling my inner 12 year old boy. I'm reclaiming the word for use in its scientific context. Just to disappoint the Google-searching perverts out there. Kind of my version of the RickRoll. I Swear. No matter how fun it is to say.

Actually, I love a cousin of the forementioned Masked Booby, the Blue Footed Boobies of the Galapagos. So much so that I downloaded some terrific pictures from the internet and hung them on my bathroom wall. Besides matching the pallette/ decor of said bathroom, they just make me smile.

The feet! They're blue. And the beak. Even their eggs. Makes me think of that song. Healthcare debate getting you down? Just picture anyone getting blue in the face (no matter what side) looking like this.

And play this sountrack in your head.
Sing along....
"Yo listen up here's a story
About a little guy that lives in a blue world
And all day and all night and everything he sees
Is just blue like him inside and outside
Blue his house with a blue little window
And a blue corvette
And everything is blue for him and hisself
And everybody around
Cos he ain't got nobody to listen to

I'm blue da ba dee da ba die...

And they dance! Very slowly to draw attention to exactly HOW BLUE they, in fact are. Because, in Boobyland it is of vital importance that the females not accidentally mate with the dreaded Red Footed Boobies, or heaven forbid they may end up with PURPLE feeet.

Just one more funny booby story then I'm done. MickeyD informed us last night that he wants to be a girl when he grows up. Because if he had no penis he could be in the "club" and touch the boobies! For the record, we watched a nanny goat-milking demonstration at the county fair last weekend where a woman was showing the 4-H kids the proper way to milk. Said kids happened to be all girls. MickeyD was quite put out when they wouldn't let him try because he wasn't "In The Club". Between that and certain recent anatomical discoveries of his own that we've been talking about a lot lately, he sort of got the wrong impression. No honey, you don't have to be a girl to join 4-H.....

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