Friday, August 21, 2009

First Class Friday at Cinetopia

***sigh*** Looks like good yard work weather this weekend - mid 70's. Between hot nasty weather keeping me out of the yard and Mr. Stang's bum knee keeping him out of it, the weeds have taken over. At this point I almost want to Round Up everything and just barkdust over whatever survives. Or rent a goat. Goats are cute. And they fertilizer at the same time!

Mr. Stang and I went for our monthly "lunch date" at Cinetopia, the fancy movie house today (billed as the "most luxurious" theatre in the nation). MickeyD goes to daycare every Friday so it's the one time we get some alone time without trying to find a sitter. We have this weird thing where if we're going to spend $40 for us both to go out to a movie, it had damned well better have super than super HD/sound, leather seats, a wine bar/fine dining, in-theatre alcohol service, live music and original art on the walls. Though lately we can only afford the cheap $8.25 lunch matinees so generally miss out on the booze and live music. The nicest part? Very few kids/teenagers and no sticky soda-encrusted floors. Which is perfect when you're trying to have a nice, romantic afternoon/evening away from the little monsters.
Those of you south of the River are in luck - I hear the owners plan to build one in Beaverton soon.

For the record, I definitely do NOT recommend seeing District 9. Wait for it to come out at the $3 theatres, get in on Netflix or see in on MS3K. It's that bad. I can't tell you how bad. The critics are nuts.

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