Monday, August 10, 2009

Imprisoned on a plane, on U.S. soil for 9 HOURS

At first I thought whatever airline "authority" who made this assinine decision needs to be imprisoned on one of their own stinky flights with 49 other people, no food or water for 9 hours and see how they like it. Only that would be grossly unfair to everyone else on board - especially the babies.

So I think a better solution is 49 criminal charges of kidnapping or involuntary detainment.

When you travel, you expect there to be some delays. You expect a reasonable amount of inconvenience to protect your physical safety. But to leave an entire plane full of people who were travelling DOMESTICALLY sitting on the ground for NINE FREAKING HOURS when they had only signed on for a 2 1/2 hour flight? Just because some idiot apparently didn't want to pay overtime to a security screener? Did they really think that was less acceptable/cheaper than the huge class action lawsuits (or 46 individual suits) they're now inevitably going to get? An apology doesn't cut it. Refunds/vouchers don't cut it. Someone needs to be fired, at the very least. When you buy a plane ticket where is the part where you sign away your basic civil rights?

If it had been me on that plane I'd probably have developed an anxiety attack and demanded to be taken to the Mayo Clinic as a medical emergency. It's in Rochester, MN right? If it had been me on that plane with a BABY there would be hell to pay.

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