Thursday, October 15, 2009

WARNING: Interracial children may suffer (like becoming President one day)

Unbelievable - either this judge is one of the stupidest men alive or he's got an agenda.  Let's see which it is.

Louisiana Justice of the Peace denies an interracial couple a marriage license, says that "it is his experience most interracial marriages do not last long"  (and single racial marriages do?); that his main concern is for the children, who (again in his experience.... as a child of a multiethnic marriage himself, one supposes?   Somehow I think not..) ; and that most critically...... he is not a racist.   But this couple shouldn't take it personally, because he doesn't approve *any* interracial marriages - not just theirs. 

I'm sure that argument will go over well with state and federal superior courts.

I think President and Mrs. Obama should invite them to get married in the Rose Garden of the White House.  And invite this asshole to cut the cake.

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