Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gifts that Keep on Giving

Time for my annual plug of one of my favorite groups of charitable websites: The Greater Good Network of:
The Hunger, Rainforest, Breast Cancer , Child Health, Literacy, and Animal Rescue Sites.

Besides the "Click Once a Day" campaigns, they have the most wonderful gifts & goods from all over the world with a huge selection of organic, eco-friendly, Fair Trade, sustainable, etc. products. Most of which come from the actual programs of the network's charitable partners to improve the lives and health of people (especially women and children), animals and the environment.

Before you head down to the local megaretailer to buy cheap plastic (and possibly lead-painted) stocking stuffers, for instance - wouldn't it be terrific to buy handmade wooden tops made from 100% safe, non-toxic materials from a program that provides education, medical care and micro-credit lending to "Untouchable" women living in the slums of India who have no other way to survive?  Only $2.95 each, AND that tiny, otherwise insignificant purchase (less than a latte) will allow the Rainforest Site to preserve 1145.0 sq. ft. of land  at the same time??

Or, if you're looking for a gift under $20 for that work or family gift exchange - instead of the typical cheesy coffee cup + candy, how about a hand-dyed scarf by women from Uganda who are trying to rebuil their own shattered lives but also those of war orphans, and provide health services for 4.5 children at the same time? 

There's gorgeous jewelry - which will help fund 50 cups of food for the hungry.

 Fine Art painted by endangered Asian elephants  (besides saving the elephants, you can fund 600 cups of food!)

And that's just the tip of the iceburg.  You can find anything for anyone on the greatergood websites, including flea and tick products for your pets, (the purchase of which also happens to provide 28 bowls of food to animal shelters).

Last year, gave over $3.4Million to global charities.

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Sofiya said...

Thanks for the brilliant ideas! I love reading this kind of thing because I'm an idiot about buying gifts for people.