Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You don't piss off the base, people.

Don't know why everyone's so surprised about the Mass. senate race.  I could have told you what was going to happen weeks ago when I began quietly deleting any emails from Obama's advocacy group from my inbox, unread.  I presume they were calls to support Coakley - get out the vote, send money.  Same old same old.  The problem was, Dems in the Senate (and Obama ) were giving us the Same Old Same Old in HealthCare "Reform".  We thought we sent a strong message when we elected Obama and enough Dems to do whatever he needed.  I did what I could to get Al Franken, Jeff Merkley and a ton of Congressional Reps elected to support that "super" majority.  I worked my ass off so you all could take over and do the heavy lifting of implementing our agenda.

But what was the point of all that hard work in electing a supermajority if Harry Reid and Obama weren't going to use it?

So new message to Ben Nelson, Lieberman and the rest of the "DINO'S" (Democrat in Name Only):  If you're going to act like an obstructionist Republican be prepared to be replaced by an actual Republican, because I  - and and a great deal of Obama's (previous) Progressive Base will be doing everything in our power to get you out of the Democratic Caucus.  I'd rather have an honest adversary than a backstabbing "buddy".

More thoughts:  Maybe it was our fault.  Maybe we just weren't clear enough during the campaign that when we said we demand "affordable, universal health coverage" we meant "don't force us to buy shitty coverage from the money-grubbing professional claim deniers." 

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