Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Adventures in Indiana

Day 1 in Indiana:  I go to throw out the plastic water bottles we bought on the plane.
Me:  "MIL, is there a special place I should toss the recycling?"
MIL:  blank stare.    "just the garbage can"
Mr. Stang: "Honey, remember you're not in Portland any more".
Oh.  Right.  I throw the bottle in the trash.  My hand feels like it may burn off with shame.

Day 2 morning in Indiana:  I replace the batteries in my camera.
Me: "MIL, do you dispose of used batteries any special way?"
MIL:  blank stare.  "just the garbage can..."
Mr. Stang: rolls eyes, swallows chuckle.
When in Rome....

Day 2 afternoon in Indiana:  We're driving.  A couple of folks are out walking their dog in the neighborhood.  We pass a car.  Mr. Stang waves.
Me: "???? Did you know them ??"
Mr. Stang: "Honey, this is Indiana.  Waving to strangers is required."
Me: "Got it.  So it's OK to poison your neighbors with toxic battery acid via the town dump so long as you wave at them as you drive by. "
Mr. Stang: "That's right.  Go Hoosiers!"

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Sofiya said...

hahahahahah! Sounds like a visit to my in-laws, too.... I love them, but they have to start recycling! Now!! Otherwise I will go insane!!!