Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pig from IOWA? Defend yourself!

This is what happens when you piss off the locavores: Portland Pig Cook-Off followed by drunken brawl over the provenance of pork. (Leslie Cole, the Oregonian)
Snip: "A prestigious pig cook-off at the Governor Hotel Sunday night was followed by at least two head buttings and a fist-fight outside an Old Town strip joint. Portland police were called to break up the rumble, which sent a renowned chef and the event's organizer to jail after one had been pepper-sprayed and the other shot with a taser.
And it was all over a pig. "
The comments are even better: "Pretty much a quintessential Portland story: Hipsters, Foodies, excessive drinking and a strip club. Only thing missing was whether they traveled by bicycle, streetcar, or Prius between venues."

"I hope they used locally grown peppers for the pepper spray. Also, what about the strippers? I hope they didn't bring any of them in from Iowa. It's better to eat Iowa pork and support local strippers than the other way around. "

Wonder if this makes us more or less likely to have Bobby Flay visit our belovedly weird little city for a "Throwdown".???

This has got to land right on up there as great city history with the story of how famous brewery mogul Henry Weinhard offerred to pump free beer into the Skidmore Fountain when it was dedicated in 1888.

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