Friday, June 04, 2010

Love Glove for the Deep Horizon? Really sounds like a bad skinflick now!

Seems like everybody's got a better idea than BP on how to contain the spill.

My personal fave so far: The giant floating condom (or SQUID).  OK technically it's the "Super Quick Underwater Incident Device" (tm) but I like my nickname better.

Actor Kevin Costner's even got a machine he'd be happy to sell the government.
So far, BP's suggestion box website has received more than 20,000 ideas. They've carefully narrowed down that list to 100 good ideas they are reviewing for consideration. I'm relieved, aren't you?

Which just goes to show it certainly wasn't lack of imagination that caused this disaster. Had BP put even the slightest effort into contingency planning R&D *before* they started drilling they might have avoided this entire fiasco. Now, it may be solved by a simple solution any drunken frat boys could have told them. I wonder if the BP execs are a product of abstinence-based sex education?

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