Friday, July 09, 2010

Finally! The Dog Days of Summer

Hi there.  Me again. I'm afraid when summer finally arrived I went a little off my rocker with sun fever and didn't want to spend one second in front of a computer longer than what was necessary for me to retain my job.  And barely that. 

After 3 good weeks of sunny weather, though (and a week in the high 90's when it's preferable to stay INSIDE with the AC) I'm back - at least long enough to rant about the ridiculous amount of freaking MOSQUITOS we have around here this year.  %#&$ record breaking wet spring!!!!!  I cannot begin to articulate my abhorrence to skeeters.  It's primeval.  Some people can't stand snakes, others mice.... the only thing I'm at all marginally phobic about are bugs.  And mosquitos are the worst.  I'm convinced I have some sort of super sweet skeeter-ambrosia flowing through my veins that makes my blood in particular extraordinarily tempting to the buggers.  I'm like the mosquito version of Bella for Edward in Twilight.  The second I go outside I'm attacked en masse, while dear hubby suffers not so much a nibble.

Let's just say this scene from Will Ferrell's remake of "Land Of The Lost" gave me nightmares.  And still does:

My goal this weekend is to do more weeding and spreading of bark dust in the yard, but if I must be eaten alive while doing so I may just let the whole damned place go wild and claim I'm trying native "nature scaping".  Just ignore the buckets of DDT in the corner, will you?

I'm off to Google symptoms of West Nile Virus.  And stock up on Calamine lotion and Cortisone cream.


Gettysburg Mom said...

I didn't find it reassuring when the state West Nile guy was in our yard explaining how our whole neighborhood- and our yard in particular!- was a great breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Stupid 70's "Let's all build on a wetland!" mentality.

Mustang Sally said...

Wow - want a couple buckets of DDT?

Here anything built adjoining a wetland is usually prime real estate. Greenspace!!! And wildlife!!!! This breed of wildlife they can keep.