Saturday, April 24, 2004

"I have no particular talent. I am merely inquisitive." (Albert Einstein)

Did I ever mention I have the same astrological sign as Einstein? Yep - we're both Piscean. (That might explain why I'm so enthralled of rivers, huh? The fun little game on the Brother Bear DVD even said my totem was the salmon). Needless to say I've always felt a certain kinship to the man especially once I learned he shared my INTP Myers-Brigg type, too (only 5% of us in the population - aren't we special?). It's not so much his scientific theories that intrigue me - it's his views on God & Religion and everything else ; in my egomaniacal moments I like to imagine we think alike. Two people with great imagination who are at heart; incredibly curious about the world around them, enjoying swimming through life upstream against the currents of "accepted" societal norms. The difference, of course is sheer amount of brain power - and mental discipline (which I sorely lack). Anyway, they've recently found a diary written by his last girlfriend which chronicles his last years. Despite his apparently shitty treatment of his first wife; I still admire the old bird. Had I been in Ms. Fantova's shoes, I'd've gone for the old fart too.

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