Wednesday, April 21, 2004

What Smurf Are You?

Around our house, we've adopted the word "Smurf" as the snarky argument equivalent of "uncle". When one of us has had enough of whatever fight we're currently engaged in and is starting to feel like it's moving into irreparable "you hurt my feelings" territory, we cry "smurf" to tell the other to knock it the fuck off, seriously. Because, after all - who embodies warm fuzzy "why can't we all just get along" vibes better than the smurfs? So I was very curious when Frog posted a link to the Smurf Name Generator to see exactly *which* smurfs we were evoking. Turns out I'm "Meshugana Smurf" whatever the fuck that means - if I slip my middle initial in there I'm either "Boozy Smurf" or "Radioactive Smurf" depending on where I put the initial; and "Megatron Smurf" or "Full Monty Smurf" using my full middle name. Curt is "Super Absorbant Smurf" which is strangely appropriate given his obsession with toilet paper (Charmin with Aloe is harder to find than you'd think, thankyouverymuch). Had we both hyphenated our last names after marriage as we'd once discussed, we'd be "Squanto Smurf" and "Transparent Smurf" respectfully - one more reason not to do it, I'd say.

**Editorial note: Further research tells me "Meshugana" is Yiddish; an daccording to the Yiddish glossary it means "Mad, Crazy & Insane Woman". Which is also strangely appropriate. I feel so uncool when people throw out hip Yiddish slang and I'm totally oblivious. *sigh*

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