Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Welcome to the Theocracy of the United Christbots of America

In honor of my Lone Star residing in-law's I’ve vowed to not engage in any knee-jerk Texas bashing, though I’m sorely tempted after reading that the Texan comptroller has denied the Unitarian Universalists tax-free religious status (thanks Rivka and others) , because they don’t have a common “unifying creed” to which members must avow belief in order to be considered members. According to the Texas state government (an obvious authority on theological matters), an organization’s members must share a belief in “God, gods or a higher power” to be considered a religion. For the sake of familial harmony I'm determined to believe this idiocy is not shared by most independence-loving Texans (of whom I'm told "live & let live" is the unofficial state motto). It wouldn't be so tempting to believe these views aren't representative if they didn't keep electing people to public office whose agenda is so clearly evangelical.

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