Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Fly, Monkeys....Fly

Rivka has a great overview of the implications of the pro-torture Justice Dept. memo, but there’s one aspect I haven’t seen anybody really address yet. It appears there’s a totally different set of rules for the executive under Republican and Democratic presidents. Or maybe the difference is with executives serving during peace time and war time, I don’t know - but every time I compare the reaction Clinton got to what Bush is getting it blows me away. During Clinton’s tenure, the Supreme’s felt so strongly that the President is not above the law that they voted unanimously to allow Paula Jones’ trial to go forward while he was in office. And that was a civil suit. That ended up in his impeachment. (No, I’m not blaming the Supreme’s for Clinton’s idiotic lying under oath – I’m fully aware he did it to himself). So now Rummie & company in the Attorney General’s office are trying to say the President is *above* the law??? Were they in a drug-induced coma during the Clinton Presidency or something? Maybe that was Clinton’s mistake. Maybe if he’d declared war on Osama after the first World Trade Center attacks the Repubs wouldn’ve given him more leeway in the “executive privelege” department. Yeah right. And monkey's are currently initiating their pre-flight sequence in my colon !!

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