Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Good Bloggers Gone Bad... Gone Good!

You think you've found someone who understands your views. You find their blog witty and funny and put them on your blogroll. But then they go and fuck it up by posting something you find incredibly offensive. To whit, a picture of a nearly naked woman passed out amidst the empty beer bottles used to illustrate some totally unrelated point about the threat of terrorists using beer coolers. Especially given recent events in California (mistrial declared in a case of a 16 yr old girl being gangraped while unconscious). I'd leave a comment if there was a comment sections, but alas.... there are none. I don't want to come off like a humorless hairy-legged feminist harpy and demand he take it down (like I would if it were a commercial website). It's a blog. He's entitled to express his views in whatever sexist, degrading, juvenile manner he likes. But I don't have to like it and I can say so. Just like when PETA used naked women to advance their political agenda; and the anti-genetic engineering folks used a naked woman to advance theirs. Prostituting women's bodies in the name of a good cause is still prostitution.

UPDATE: My faith is restored! The HD Skeptic has removed the offending photo from his site. Please reverse any hairy-legged hexes you may have prepared and send gynoblessings his way instead. Thank you, the Mgmt.

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