Thursday, July 01, 2004

In more personal news (TMI alert: consider yourself warned)….

My Scottrade IRA finally received my 401k rollover from the shitty former employer (after the previous administrator had to send my docs back to their HR person *twice* due to their incompetence…) Only 5 months late, but whose counting? I was going to put most of the balance in a smart, safe index-tracking mutual fund but I couldn’t resist buying some shares of some stocks I’ve had my eyes on forever. Namely, Ballard Power (BLDP - fuel cells – long, long term prospect I wanted to buy 5 years ago when it was at an outrageous $100/share; now it’s done to a far more reasonable, and affordable $9/share); Netflix (NFLX - based on the “buy what you like” theory of investment proponed by some sweet little ladies who wrote a book a while back); Alcan (AL - one of the ‘good’ metal companies from a socially responsible standpoint); and my “safe” bet… United Technologies (UTX – high tech building and aerospace products… like Otis elevator! Carrier air conditioning! And Sikorsky helicopters! And UTC Power - another fuel cell company (gotta hedge your bets)).

Speaking of things being late, it’s been 11 days since my favorite communist-colored Aunt Flo was expected to arrive for her monthly visit and there’s still no sign of her. I thought 7 days ago she might have been tiptoeing across the threshold but it was a false alarm. EPT said “No” last weekend so I’m determined not to get my hopes up like the last time, though it would be ironic as hell if our spawning drive was successful the same month we agreed to give it a rest for awhile (for the sake of the relationship). It could, just could be - that the hint I caught of her last week was actually implantation bleeding. No nausea yet, but the gatekeeper (aka “cervix”) has dropped and gotten soft (where she’s supposed to be if I were, in fact preggers. If Aunt Flo were on her way she’d be on full alert, high & tight). Boobs are a bit sore (no help there), but no cramping and I have been a bit tired lately. Time will tell. I’ll check with EPT again if she’s not here by Sunday.

The Kittlin has temporarily given up his snake-hunting regimen and is, according to Curt replacing it with playing “chicken” on the road with passing cars. Fuck….aDuck…!!.In my experience there’s only one cure for the feline’s fascination with the open road. And that’s by losing the game. If they’re lucky, they survive with minor injuries (like both Cleo & Ozzie). If they’re really, really lucky – they just get a good scare (like Jack, I suspect). But if they’re not lucky…. You get the picture. I’m debating what to do. I think I’m going to try training him, though it’s hard because I’m not the one home during the day when he’s doing it. Some folks have reported good success using the “click” method of training with cats . It’s worth a shot.

My other inclination is to park myself down on the sidewalk with the riding lawn mower (or something equally as scary-sounding) and lay in wait, then start it up every time he moves toward the road. But there’s no guarantee if he panics and runs it will be *back* towards the house. So the positive re-enforcement clicker way is probably the best option. I think I’ll sign him up for accidental pet insurance in the meantime, just in case. $9/ month can buy a lot of peace of mind. If it means me bringing a lunch 2 days a month instead of eating out, Iit's worth it.

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