Friday, July 02, 2004

I’m a little bummed. Curt didn’t get the killer (salaried) job he was supposed to be one of the “top 3” candidates for. So it’s back to the job search. *sigh*. I’m drowning my sorrow in Blues music today. That’s right, the coolest part about 4th of July weekend in River City is the annual Blues Festival at Waterfront Park, proceeds of which support the Oregon Food Bank. Folks bring their boats down starting the week before to jockey for position on the river near the stages. Many tattooed people in black abound and what’s not covered in leather gets sunburned. Young kids high on life (or other substances, you never know) line up in front of the stage and start impersonating whirling dervishes. It’s lots of fun! And this year, OregonLive’s got a streaming radio feed of a bunch of the songs from artists that will be performing. So I’m jammin’ at work, trying to decide which day we’ll go. Tomorrow looks like their focusing on Zydeco. I could get into that – get a little cajun pick up after we’re done helping Dad fix the plumbing in our tub. If we weren’t so dead ass broke we might take one of the short 2 hour “Blues Cruise”s on the Spirit of Portland.

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