Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Access to contraception denied by medical professionals

This article linked to by Rubber Nun reveals exactly why the anti-abortion/ pro-choice debate is so important. Most people I think oversimplify what is, at heart an incredibly complex issue. But as this article points out, it’s a very short leap from denying women safe, legal abortions to denying them contraception and basic sex education. As the current administration increasingly makes appointments and sets policy to codify its “no extra-marital sex/ abstinence only” agenda regular folks in positions of power are feeling justified in denying their professional services/products to women who they judge are violating their own, personal religious views on sex.

As the article illustrates, that means doctors are increasingly refusing to prescribe birth control pills and if they do, pharmacists are increasingly refusing to fill those prescriptions. How soon will it be before they refuse to sell condoms, too? Then refuse to provide treatment/ medication for STD’s such as HIV to unmarried patients?

It’s not about abortion. It’s about being able to legally impose your personal religious views of sex on the rest of the population. These people think casual sex is “sinful”, that any negative consequence that arises out of that sin – be it an unplanned pregnancy or an STD - divine “punishment”. They believe the highest purpose a woman can serve (some even think the only purpose she *should* serve) is to bear children; and that her life, health, pain and suffering, personal goals and dreams are utterly insignificant compared to her primary purpose of breeding.

They also believe their own, personal ticket to heaven is dependent upon making others abide by these beliefs. Unfortunately, many do not care if that is accomplished willingly or not so they will exercise any shred of personal power they posess to see it done. When the government gives them that personal power, it’s bound to be abused in this manner.

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