Sunday, July 04, 2004

So this is starting to sink in a little bit. I'm still thrilled, but a little scared, too. I could still miscarry, this could be a tubal or something - it's quite early yet. I'll feel more like celebrating when my doc tells me everything's gonna be allright (dammit now I've got reggae goin' through my head!). I can't make an appointment to Tues. so I'll just hang in there. I think what I'm most worried about is the whole circus like affair of being pregnant. The fact that everybody and their dog will feel they have the right to monitor my behavior and pass judgement on what I do/don't do. That perfect strangers on the street will cast derisive looks if I'm spied exiting a Starbucks.

According to an online due date calculator, the baby should make his/her debut somewhere on or around my own birthday (end of Feb). Heh - another Pisces in the house! That oughta be interesting! The parental units & other assorted fandamily were all thrilled, too. I'll bet 10:1 my mom's already started laying out the baby quilt.

In the meantime, I'm just trying to get used to the idea of sharing total metaphysical quarters with another being for awhile - one who is going to be very demanding. I'll make you a deal, little fry.... you don't make me puke on a regular basis, kick my bladder or make me start craving disgusting shit like sour kraut and I'll eat lots of leafy veggies, lay off the booze for awhile and stay out of smokey bars.

Maude, who am I trying to fool? I've got no bargaining power here... I'm just along for the ride. My only job is to stock up enough food stores, stay healthy and do my best to keep the boat headed downstream, bail furiously if we start to swamp and call the rescue swimmers if we get in trouble. Let's pray to the River Gods for a smooth journey, little one!

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