Friday, August 13, 2004

Daddy's exciting adventure

So everything went just ducky at the doctor's yesterday. They did do an ultrasound to reassure me about the spotting, and confirmed I have a little alien doing the backstroke inside me. You think I'm kidding! I'll see if I can post the picture this weekend - the critter really and truly looks like the title character of W. Shreiber's book, Communion. I'm now debating alien nicknames for the bugger. Mork? Pax? Marvin? Little heart beating furiously at 175. 2 little tiny hands, 2 little tiny feet, and maybe, just *maybe* a 5th sort of appendage that might be a litte peetie. They should be able to tell for certain the next time around. Curt was beside himself the whole visit - it was pretty adorable. He'd never, been to an ob/gyn office before.

In the waiting room:

Him: (while making funny faces at the slobbery toddler across the way) You sure you want me to be here? You know what the site of pregnant women does to me...
Me: Don't be a perv. Grab a magazine.

In the exam room:

Him: What are those things, car wash mitts?
Me: Yep, I think so. They keep your feet warm and comfy. Standard equipment on most gyno exam tables.
Him: So do you like your doctor?
Me: Yeah, she seems nice. Good eye contact, very gentle and calming.
Him: I noticed she has small hands.
Me: That's a big plus, too - trust me!

In the ultrasound room:
Him: (re: the heart rate) "175! 175! Look, it's so cute!!!
Me: "Cute? It's just a big blob on the screen.."
Him: "No! You can see the mouth, and the heart, and the fingers and everything! It's cute!"

His excitement was barely muted by the doc saying we shouldn't engage in certain, err... romantic activities for 2 weeks just in case. On the way home, we stopped to celebrate at our favorite old 50's era hangout, Mike's Drive-in for burgers, tatertots and a rootbeer shake. mmmmm.

So I'm obviously not going to attend the John Kerry rally downtown today. Even though I'm so close. I'm bummed.... but I've already taken off two afternoons this week for personal reasons and just can't justify taking more off to attend a political rally. I worry enough about my boss thinking I waste too much time arguing politics with my coworkers, I can't give them any additional fuel. But it looks like my local news station might air it live on their website (I'm tuning in right now to his stop in Eugene. He's really plugging his alternative energy plans - smart for Eugene). So I won't miss it entirely. He'll be back before November and maybe I'll get to see him then.

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