Thursday, August 12, 2004

Off to see the doctor...

2 hours to go until my first neonatal exam with the new OB. I've arm-twisted Curt into coming with me. In his defense, it wasn't that hard: what was said, then (what was thought)

Me: so would you like to come? (I hope you’re excited about the pregnancy and will want to be fully involved)
Him: Well, do I *need* to be there? (sounds boring)
Me: You don't *need* to be at any of my appointments. (asshole) But I'd like you to be. (I'm scared shitless and need some support. I don't like feeling like I'm the only one going through this. Maybe if you hear from the doctor that it’s normal to be totally exhausted during the 1st trimester you won’t complain about my sleeping all the time and not doing more around the house). They might do an ultrasound. (Can't admit insecurity. Bribery might work)
Him: Might, huh? Well I don't know if it's worth taking time off work for a "might". (seeing the ultrasound would be cool. But I'll be tired. Still sounds like a drag. Why do I have to go?)
Me: I purposefully scheduled it late in the day so you won't miss much. It's worth it to me. I would really like you to share this. (voluntarily, that is)
Him: If you want me to be there, just say so. (just tell me what to do)
Me: Fine. You're coming. (so much for free will. If he wants dictatorbitch I can do that)

Damned hormones. But I am still nervous. Pregnancy "symptoms" have dropped off the last 3 days. Not really any nausea, I've had tons of energy - even the boobs aren't hurting as much. Could just be the looming advent of the 2nd trimester, but I've also had some regular spotting all week. So sue me - I'm a bit desperate for reassurance that everything is still OK. If they don't do an ultrasound I might revolt.

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