Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Home again, home again jiggidy jig.

We're back - I bet you didn't even miss me. We went down to my mom's in Florence for the holiday weekend. As it happens, Florence was just named the top retirement town in America. I bet you're jealous now! Actually, the designation comes as a bit of a surprise to long-time residents. It may be the 2nd fastest growing community in the state, and it is true there is quite the population of 55+ residents there, but it doesn't really feel like a booming metropolis. Despite the opening of a small controversial tribal casino just outside of town, there aren't any obvious signs of growing pains, such as the traffic jams you see in say, Lincoln City . Maybe that's why it's rated so high?

Anyhoo - we had fun, despite my not being able to enjoy the jacuzzi or drink alcohol. It was wonderfully relaxing. Jinx got to go for long walks and swim in the ocean/ river every day. There was even a pro photographer down at the beach one morning who caught her graceful romping through the surf chasing driftwood. We don't blame him. Shiny black coat glistening in the water, gorgeous lines. Bright white teeth and liquid brown eyes.... Kind of a canine version of a swimsuit model. Hopefully the fame won't go to her head, though.

We came home to good news/ bad news. Bad news was... some asshole stole our Kerry/Edwards lawn sign (that we'd just put up before leaving). Luckily, I bought a spare just in case. Hah! I just might go buy a couple more and for every sign they steal, I'll put up 2. of course, now that Jinx is back on patrol in the yard that probably won't happen again. But anyway. The good news was a lovely big box on our doorstep from Curt's sister, K back in Indiana. Upon opening out popped 3 "Welcome Baby!" type mylar balloons and unerneath was a veritable cornucopia of baby gifts. Jinx tried to claim the teddy bear to which the balloons were tethered as her own, until we made it clear that these were toys for the baby, not for her. She can still play with the balloons though. Now we have no excuse but to start emptying drawers in the nusery. Dammit!

I'd actually left you with a post on Friday but it looks like the Blogger gods demanded it as a sacrifice and ate it. Such is the price we pay for free blog service. It wasn't of much interest - commentary on the emminent arrival of Hurricane Frances, maybe a little about Shrub's speech. Others I'm sure did it far better, elsewhere. You didn't miss much.

One interesting story I came across today: First Americans may have come from Australia. Apparently they've got DNA evidence to prove it. Apparently this isn't a totally new theory: More from the BBC.

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